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On Target

Percent of building inspections that are completed by the requested date

High Performing Government | Desired Measure Result: Above Target

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Click on any series in the chart legend to hide it from view.

Periodic inspections are used to verify that all aspects of a commercial and residential construction project – including but not limited to the plumbing system, HVAC systems, electrical systems, building exiting and access for the disabled – meet minimum safety requirements. The inspections are a necessary part of the building process but can cause delays if not completed by the requested date. Building inspections play a critical role in keeping buildings safe and healthy for our citizens. If inspections are not conducted on the scheduled day, they add cost to a project and extend the timeline of construction. Rolled over inspections also cause lost productivity for homeowners who have taken time away from work to provide access for an inspection. 

Data Source: This Data is reported in routinely scheduled weekly and monthly reports generated by the City of Fort Worth’s permitting database, Accela.

There was a high volume of turnover for inspectors in FY 2019 and this created lower turn times as inspection volume also increased by 9% over the last four months. Due to the ongoing training of three new inspectors; work volume has increase for those that are not training. There are currently positions open that are not being filled due to lack of available current employees to train them thus creating higher volumes of inspections per employee. For FY 2019 the goal of 98% has not been met due to high turnover and ongoing training.