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Insufficient Progress

Number of missed waste collection (pickups per 1,000 households)

High Performing Government | Desired Measure Result: Below Target

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Click on any series in the chart legend to hide it from view.

This measure tracks how well the city, through its contracted service provider(s), is doing in providing residential curbside waste collection of weekly services (garbage, recycling and yard waste). When a resident experiences more than three missess in a 90-day period, or if a reported miss has not been rectified within 24 hours, the city can then charge the contractor for liquidated damages.Yard waste collections require more contractor time as they are collected manually. Garbage, recycle and yard waste is collected on designated collection days. Recycling collections are audited by drivers and Blue Crew staff to reduce contamination in recyclable materials, which also diverts materials from the landfill. Contaminated carts are tagged with educational materials for residents and left uncollected by the contractor(s) to decrease recycling contamination.

Data Source: The data for this measurement is secured from the Solid Waste Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMS)