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On Target

Percent of City Call Center calls that are answered within 60 seconds

High Performing Government | Desired Measure Result: Above Target

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Click on any series in the chart legend to hide it from view.

The City Call Center was named in 2009 when the Solid Waste call center took on calls from the Transportation and Public Works Department, Park & Recreation Forestry division, and City Manager's Office switchboard.  The City of Fort Worth does not have a 311 which would answer a majority of the departments' calls.

Data Source: This data comes from TASKE Middleware which is tied to the Cisco Phone System and the Workforce Management system, NICE.

The city call center averages 300,000 calls a year from residents to request information or service from the four departments we serve.  In our research for call centers in municipalities we found various goals being stated and less being achieved for service level.  We have effectively managed the call center to answer the phone 80% of the time in 60 seconds.  We are now looking to reduce the time we answer the phone on average to enhance our service to our customers.  FY2019’s goal is 80% of phone calls answered in 30 seconds.