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On Target

Percent of city streets that are rated good or excellent

Maintenance & Growth | Desired Measure Result: Above Target

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Click on any series in the chart legend to hide it from view.

The City Street Network runs on a 3 year maintenance cycle. During that time, the Pavement Management Team conducts street condition surveys by applying the pavement rating system. The pavement condition is based on a 10 point (or 100%) scale, with 1 (10%) being a “very poor” rating and 10 (100%) being an “excellent” rating. Accurate street ratings make well-planned funding decisions possible and ensure that the city can maintain functioning standards for city streets.

Data Source: The data source for this measure is the city's VueWorks Asset Management System. 

There has been a steady increase in pavement condition over the past six years. New development in the city has added new streets, which contribute to the overall condition score.  In the last year, the city completed several major asphalt preservation, crack seal and concrete restoration projects, as well as 14 lane miles of overlay and many neighborhood street improvements. Specific project areas include portions of Blue Mound Road, Old Denton Road, Fossil Bluff Drive, Basswood Boulevard and Park Vista Boulevard. To assess street condition, the city completes a large-scale collection of street data every three to five years, which allows for enhanced performance and focused improvements to  the transportation network.