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Total number of library materials borrowed

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This measure reflects the number of items customers checked out from the library collection of materials (books, movies, music, etc.). The trend for this measure is important in guiding management decisions on policy and allocation of resources, such as funding for new materials and formats, e.g., providing more options in electronic downloads.

Data Source: Data is reported in routinely scheduled monthly reports generated by the library's Polaris software.

Data indicates an increase in total number of physical print materials borrowed in FY2017 over recent years. This increase is most likely due to a change the Library made to its lending policy at the end of June 2016. This change allows most printed materials to be automatically renewed at the time they become due if they have not already been returned. Each renewal counts as another loan period during which the customer may continue to use the item without incurring late fees. Items may be renewed up to two times as long as there is no request by another customer for that material.  FY2017 was the first full year this service was active and the statistical increase from the previous year is viewed to be singular. It is not expected that this one action will produce an increasing trend in following years. The overall trend for the use of library materials over time shows that interest and demand for library materials remains high.