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On Target

Percent of water quality complaints that are resolved within 48 hours

High Performing Government | Desired Measure Result: Above Target

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This measures the percentage of water quality complaints reported, investigated and resolved within a 48-hour period for a given month. Due to the characteristics of Fort Worth’s distribution system, it is important to track complaint types, origin and resolution to ensure water quality is maintained in a timely manner throughout all of the distribution’s end points. Long-term infrastructure improvements and design may be implemented based on complaint activity and data capture.  For the last three fiscal years, discoloration has been the most common complaint.  FY2015 had a total of 508 complaints, with discoloration comprising 242 (48%) of them.  FY2016 had a total of 378 complaints, with discoloration comprising 171 (45%) of them.  FY2017 had a total of 466 complaints, with discoloration comprising 183 (39%) of them.

In FY16, we achieved 100 percent of water quality complaints resolved within 48 hours, which exceeds our goal of greater than 98 percent. This is due to our focus on customer satisfaction and our desire to maintain a high level of water quality.