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Insufficient Progress

Percent of initial commercial building plan reviews that are completed within 7 working days

High Performing Government | Desired Measure Result: Above Target

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Click on any series in the chart legend to hide it from view.

The initial plan review is the first review of the building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems that city staff does to ensure that those systems are in compliance. When necessary, revisions are submitted and re-reviewed until the plans fully comply with the applicable codes, state laws and federal laws. Prompt and predictable plan reviews are an exceptional customer experience that allow our developers to plan projects and help make Fort Worth an attractive place to do business, thus growing the tax base and improving the community.

Data Source: This Data is reported in routinely scheduled weekly and monthly reports generated by the City of Fort Worth’s permitting database, Accela.

As new commercial development continues to increase, the city is focused on enhancing service levels to meet customer needs. In addition to the Expedited Plan Review Team, the city has also implemented new plan review training for employees and regularly monitors established plan review metrics. To further improve the quality of our customer service, several business process improvements are underway.